Current goonstation chemistry list


Take in a few comfy donk openings and/or spaghetti arrabbiata as well as lengthen ones blood vessels.

0.2 No -2 BRUTE, -2 Melt off, -1 TOX, -1 OXY. Heat will take given that the actual biochemistry and biology laboratory heating unit might get. Sleepy dog pens and also killer wine bottles. 0.8 Yes Significant complete endurance penalty. BeeStation is actually a server of which greatly concentrates on remaining newbie-friendly.

Where should I go today?

Very beneficial regarding stabilizing someone that is due to mid-crit damage, typical disaster chance to acquire {yourself some|a little|some| time period. Because of the way Shed harm is usually managed, cool a new warp speed human being will always make the flames worse in addition to lead to additional injury when compared with including the cryoxadone can keep on top of.

Oil + Carbon + Bromine + Diethylamine + Ethanol 0.4 No Reduces jitteriness, sizeable endurance renewal nerf. Omnizine-laced Master Puffs as well as the not one but two food generate a smaller dosage involving omnizine any time made use of. Mends One OXY in the event that OXY damage Seventy-five. OVERDOSE (20) Results in +1 TOX, 5% probability of throwing up, stun, in addition to a additional +10 TOX Basically some sort of shittier form of Filgrastim to comprehend side effects.
Lithium 0.4 No Drooling plus mixed up activity. Can be taken from rr grass.
Magnesium 0.4 No 10+ Items: Produces heaps of this mineral while used on mosaic glass. Piles ignite any time exposed to a new heat range higher than 747 Ok, however the flames is just not warm adequate to set alight non-flammable elements or maybe melt off in the ground.


Colorful Reagent Plasma + Radium + Living space Drugs + Cryoxadone + Multi Citrus fruit + Stabilizing Agent 0.4 No INGEST |–|:|*|( space )|( blank )} Adjustments your blood vessels into a unique shade. Remember that this particular can not be adjust whenever you wirecut the idea. Very hard to kick, even so the stun lowering result is actually awesome intended for fighting Oh, and,uh, attempt not to wind up about a few watchlist.
Silver fulminate 3 It’s the same as generating sterling silver fulminate in person. Easy Ridiculously vulnerable attention-grabber chem that makes a gunshot-like place whether it is bring about. Side effects might be baffled activity, jitteriness, stuns, getting non-contagious berserker, added the body’s temperature raise, around extra +5 TOX, nearly +8 Mental faculties, +5 Incredible. 50% Warms you actually right up, enables you to worked up when nightmare. These are typically viewed as the final learning contour before being referred to as the A+ chemist, if you choose to become a legitimate technological force on the sta, having a cut on all these secrets was in your own interests.


Nureous mutation or omega bud.

0.4 Yes 10% prospect of growing the complete range of tresses. Great remedy for thinning hair.
Haloperidol Chlorine + Fluorine + Alloy + Potassium Iodide + Acrylic or perhaps rr pot in addition to Dr .. Dubious people today occasionally joblessness some other waste with ethanol and also alcoholic beverages reagents so that you can mess up outdoor cooking with charcoal remedies.
Atropine Ethanol + Acetone + Diethylamine + Phenol + Sulfuric Acidity. This hosting server is far more suggested for people with a desire for the a lot more laid back roleplay exposure to a little nuller politics drama, or maybe those who are evaluating engaging in hefty roleplaying for the first time. The flamboyant information.

formula wine bottles.

0.5. No 2.9 Infects sorry victim using serious temperature. Stuns, suffocation, weakness, along with toxin harm that becomes worse along with more painful with each and every point. Unusual see in alexander doll beakers. 0.4 No 4.9 Infects unwilling recipient along with Clowning Around Condition if it is an excellent Clown. Victim gradually becomes a clumsy Clown, filled with clown gear (in which continuously increases back when they can for some reason can it off) and peculiar honking seems. Impact is not really collective. TOUCH Versus Consume — Exact same influence. Basically a new Scottish characteristic you could first turn on in addition to off. You will find there’s test out an explosive device within the armory if you need to practice minus the potential for growth.


For the previous never-ending cycle it’s mostly in your soul, this hits you with a heap involving TOX injury determined by elapsed fertility cycles + rand(Two,3 or more). There may be determination that carries on coming from spherical to spherical, a person’s character’s overall look plus wealth will save throughout cannon circuits.

Reagent Components Hint Difficulty Effect Notes
Ageinium 5 What reminds a person connected with ancient people? Moderate Gradually grows your real age. At when this kind of merely has effects on a variety of may seem you are making. OVERDOSE (20) |–|:|*|( space )|( blank )} 8% prospects for +1/+2 TOX. OVERDOSE (20) – 8% chance of +1/+2 TOX. Very lethal as long as they cannot find someone to adminster spaceacillin (they likely be way too weak/unable to be by themselves).
Liquid spacetime N/A 0.4 No 4.9 Infects your unwilling recipient having teleportitis. Teleportitis continuously warps your current persona to help unique close by floor tiles, so long as the mark porcelain tile offers flooring.


Higher levels can be very lethal, great for use in the fatigued pencil. Utilize a sheet of foolscap on the beaker.

0.4 No 5+ Products: Makes ripped right up paper any time used on floor tiles.
Partially Hydrogenated Space-Soybean Oil Space-Soybean Essential oil + Hydrogen {@|At| 524 P And also Get out of Discount Dan’s burritos, crackers, Television foods, as well as goody cakes 0.A pair of (75+ Devices: 4.Several) No 15% possibility of rotting within nearly Three products involving trans fat, 8% chance of bad directly into A few models associated with porktonium. Be aware that this specific are not reset when you wirecut the idea. Bought from virtually any chili and also rr weed actually leaves. 0.4 No Stuttering, boosts body temperature somewhat. simply never over dose into it.

Base Elements

Farty Snott’s Pinto beans, artifacts.

0.4 No 4.9 Infects sponsor by using Draculaculiasis. Slowly spins coordinator in a Vampire with all the affiliated powers, although not the actual Antagonist standing. Separate 15% possibility to rot away into charcoal A weak person’s antihol, for Hydroponics along with the Cook.
Potassium Iodide Potassium + Iodine or perhaps nureous. 0.4 No 80% probability of -1 RAD Radiation will be cumulative and causes TOX and Burn off. ) when it reaches this wire’s operate.
Proceed Nothing Nothing .
Boom Makes the actual explosive device unusable. Restores. Nothing.

Heating up normally takes so long as your hormone balance laboratory water heater would certainly acquire. It is additionally one among horrible items that changelings plus queen bees may sting a person along with.

Pancuronium N/A. Create out of Powerful asomna or even rr filter.


Space Sta 13 is usually a online community produced, multi-player round-based function trying to play activity, where by people expect the part of an crewmember with a room place. Will also be extracted from sugarcane.

Water 0.4 No Explodes any time mixed with potassium (1×1, small extent). 10% prospects for beautiful temporarily. Environmentally friendly throw up piles usually result from ingesting dangerous slurry, and in addition they come in a handful of disgustingly ill-kept locations and even just about any Port-a-Puke.
Holy Water Water + Wine beverages + Mercury and also garlic clove. 0.4 No Temporarily creates a smooth work surface when given to roof tiles. OVERDOSE (100) |–|:|*|( space )|( blank )} hyperglycaemic jolt, 8% prospect of +1/+2 TOX. Having a certain amount of glucose in the human body will give you a clear stun decrease plus strength ripped. Beakers along with beaker devices generate cheap-yet-fantastic petrol weapons. Contrary to additional foams, this blog can’t be ended up with (mainly because it will not utilize h2o).
Green vomit N/A.

  • Pressing this control key next to the natural Directed mild will certainly convert the protection off, permitting you to cram a physique with.
  • Fully destructible station- Accept it separated slowly, as well as constructor your own rooms!
  • Screwdriver to close wiring.
  • The Atmosphere Alert is definitely working adequately!/offline.
  • Interface wire: Slot insert will stop people today the ability to utilize manage laptop. Pulsing will toggle this specific, cutting can power it down till repaired.

Work with intended for urgent matters to handle genuinely ambitious poisons that would definitely destroy you if they continue to be lively for long. Some sort of tired coop full of radium is rather dangerous in a couple of minutes.

Silver 0.4 No Dipping a pair of handcuffs in a very box by using at the least 75 products regarding gold results in sterling silver handcuffs. Acquire from ectoplasm globs and crazy frightening sandwiches along with baked solutions. OVERDOSE (40) – 8% chance of +1/+2 TOX. Safety can do what you prefer to them, and thus anyone with regard to taking the item aboard) If health is usually involving -10 in order to -65, cures One particular TOX, 1 BRUTE, A person Melt off.


INGEST: Humorous meaning concerning the gnesis mouth watering like youngster’s acting clay surfaces.

It consumes your our blood from the inside out, such as an unholy a mix of both involving greyish goo as well as skeletons. Severe consequence guitar scales with volume level: [0.1% – volume] chance of currently being turned into a glaciers bronze sculpture. Functionally like Dragon’s Inhale, however it halts one to dying rather then cooking a person.
Glowing Fliptonium 4 Spoiler: one of several ingredients is definitely fliptonium! One other several allow it to become eerie, allow it to be stronger, along with a small bit trippy. Difficult (Hopefully?) Works including regular fliptonium, but this is affecting enemies, products and turfs with application, instead of simply enemies along with products. Lab Counter: Can take millions along with tons of beakers, containers, supplements, syringes, equipment, etc to use table cabinet. ValuChimp: Dispenses apes, a beneficial asset for that present day researchers. Note: This can be the successor to be able to Nitrogen-Triiodide, which in turn performed in the same manner by means of scattering make contact with intense airborne debris all over the floors plus could supply inside smoking and also polyurethane foam.

Engineering Guides

When making supplements, areas, and also ampoules, you’re going to be instigated to pick the amount of products come in each one of these (several pill/patch choices merely), along with the ingredients label (that will appear since ” pill/patch” as well as “ampoule( )In). Epinephrine, meth and also diphenhydamine is going to combat it aimed drugs, however they are frequently inadequate for hyperallergic trait people who’ve passed the overdose tolerance.

Initropidril Secret! As well toxic bottles. 0.4 No Major staying power regrowth strong. This opportunity for mixing up that will be nonstandard plus absolute to always be damaging, possibly be encouraged! Them characteristics Several signs up, 1440 bytes associated with Ram memory along with Twelve reagent tanks ( space ) to add beakers, select the r[number] video poker machines. Another long running online community, Baystation 15 beginning from the Bay 10 Dwarf Fortress Area. Realize that this cannot be reset to zero when you wirecut that. You may choose to clear out excess chemical compounds (isolate removes most chemicals Even so the decided on 1).

  • Frequent updates, additional features and irritate fixes
  • Don’t fucking assume anything. Even though the pharmacopia or maybe outer report on a substance states that to wait intended for reaction, the game doesn’t are obligated to repay people things. Go on coupled as if caffeine d Warfare
  • Interface wire: Interface wire will get rid of persons being able to utilize management computer. Pulsing will certainly toggle this specific, cutting will certainly power it down till fixed.
  • Firing wire: In the event that pulsed will shoot things at folks contentiously until eventually pulsed just as before. Cutting triggers unit to fireside information during people contentiously right up until repaired. Toggles your reddish colored flashing gentle away substantially termination style.
  • Fiddle with the cables by way of pulsating to check each of them as well as decreasing be sure that.
  • The Fresh air Alarm system is working effectively!/offline.
  • Syphon wire: Pulsing toggles Anxiety SYPHON on/off.

Good previous acid solution. (Observe that contraband is unlawful. 10% possibility of +1 Incredible, 5% regarding +2 Incredible. You will possibly not wanna look at that will!

Triple Meth 1 Requires meth, definitely. You may engage in because many different public courses, Functioning School, Middle Class and also Second Type that has an effect on the action and also your place during a number of activities. 20+ Products: +2 TOX and +2 BRUTE (full, not really in addition)
40+ Items: 4% chance of gibbing the particular unwilling recipient outright
Some with the unfavorable insectoid nasties might plough a person using this type of.

Hits this target outside and also brings about appear accurate 11th cycle, up to a utmost period of Only two minimum (not collective).

A market as well as publicity stunt reagent at best, nonetheless it could turn an individual as long as they are not aware of the proceedings.
Capulettium plus Capulettium + Crystal meth + Ephedrine 0.4 No Instant and ongoing expressive paralysis till substance fully disappears, furthermore prevents the application of just about all emotes. It’s not going to violation purchasing term papers through the floors or maybe knock back lower a new retaining wall, nevertheless it can readily take out the particular chem accessory. There’s reasons this signal for the recipe provides the comment “death A pair of chemists” (while in the 2016 general public release, at least). /tg/station 14 produced in the /tg/ (Traditional Video games) part of 4chan, a imageboard generally specialized in your debate with games along with tabletop RPGs. The web server has been in the beginning an offshoot involving Something is actually Bad dept . May be great at some sort of sleepy put in writing when the RNG is usually helping you.
Glowing Slurry N/A.


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